Observatório das Metrópoles


The “METROPOLISES: urban transformations” series is another outcome of the National Research Network at the INCT Observatório das Metrópoles that for over 15 years has been consolidating a national multidisciplinary networking of production of scientific knowledge, methodologies and tools for the research of the metropolitan question.

Aiming at offering the most complete analysis on urban developments of the country, thus serving as subsidy for the elaboration of public policies and debate on the metropolitan role in national development, this series shows the commitment and efforts of researchers of the Observatório in producing a networking scientific knowledge, focusing on urban planning and related areas. It comprises 14 books, 169 chapters and around 270 authors from a wide range of fields of knowledge analyzing the urban transformations of the main cities of Brazil in the period 1980-2010 with emphasis on subjects like social organization of the territory, demographics, urban network, metropolitan dynamics, housing, urban mobility, metropolitan governance, urban well-being, among others.

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